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Environmental program

Let us conserve the nature together!

About the environmental program

In April 1, 2019, Delis Archive and WWF Russia became partners. We launched the project to save the Kamchatka spruce forests. Now business owners and employees can implement the procedure for unnecessary equipment and document disposing with the benefit of nature!

Delis Archive will deduct 200 rubles to the WWF Russia from each destruction box.

Install our destruction boxes in the office and participate in the nature conservation project.

We are very pleased that the preservation project of unique Kamchatka spruce forests has received Delis Archive support.
By uniting our efforts we will be able to succeed and create regional botanical reservation in the Milkovsky area of the Kamchatka Territory.
For business, this is another opportunity to show its corporate social responsibility and make a vital contribution to the environment.
Through this project, we hope that many companies and their employees will be able to reflect on the importance of preserving our unique nature.
Irina Vorobyeva
Director of corporate partners and supporters «WWF» Russia

As a result, you can

Leave a free office space and destroy documents confidentially, increasing the level of business information security
Comply with the legal requirement of separate garbage collection for legal entities
Participate in a global environmental event along with leading Russian enterprises, reducing deforestation and save spruce forests
Take part in WWF and Delis Archive reporting event and win prizes, including a trip to Sochi for 2 people
The export and physical document destruction certificates (presented at the request of government agencies)
Attestation of participation in Delis Archive environmental program
You will get a copy of the program results report

How to participate in the program?

You leave the request on our site
After registration we deliver containers to you
We collect documents for recycling independently
We destroy all the documents by shredder
We send documents to the processing plant
We donate funds to the WWF, helping to preserve the environment

We offer 2 types of container

Metal box
80 х 45 х 41 sm
Cardboard box
80 х 50 х 50 sm
Delis Archive will deduct 200 rubles to the WWF Russia from each destruction box

About Delis Archive environmental responsibility

Our archival boxes are made of environmentally friendly material that can be recycled
We became completely reliant on the environmentally friendly document destruction by refusing to incinerate in order to reduce the impact on the environment, to control and minimize emissions to the atmosphere and soil
In our work we use only high-tech equipment that is certified by Rostest and complies with all the environmental requirements
We allow the companies to express their active position in an effort to preserve nature. It is a pleasure to take care of the environment in the daily work. And I am even more pleased to help other companies to engage in this process
Denis Avdyushin
Delis Archive General Director

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